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Laundry equipment distributors all over the country.  Parts stores all over the web.  So what sets CleanWash Laundry Systems apart?

1.  We own Laundromats.  We don't just sell the equipment; we own it, work on it, and make a profit using it.  We understand what you're going through. 

2.  We handle commercial laundry.  We process over 15,000 pounds of hotel, restaurant, and medical linen each month.  Not a ton, large commercial laundries handle that in a day.  But it gives us a better understanding of our On Premises Laundry customers needs than anyone else.

3.  The above is great but for at least our local customers it also can be perceived as a conflict of interest.  We have developed a statement of ethics to address this including higher vend prices than other stores in our area and discounted equipment, parts, and supplies.  We're first and foremost a distributor and we never forget who our customers are.

CleanWash provides coin, opl, and multi-housing laundry equipment, parts, and service across the midwest including North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.  In addition through this site we provide equipment, parts, and supplies nationally and internationally.

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